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Akai MPC 2500 Beat Making By KZZ – The Soul Plugger

Akai MPC 2500 Beat Making By KZZ - The Soul Plugger

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This video from MPCstuff.com shows how to remove the casing from your Akai MPC 2500 to change the pad set , sensors , buttons , LCD screen , Faceplate skins and more.

2019-04-12T15:30:10+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|32 Comments


  1. Kempforlife at - Reply

    lol no cos it would had cost me as much 2 send 2 u wateva u and 2 buy any new mpc model out there..

  2. BDukich at - Reply

    u should have. taken it and flipped it an bought another 2500

  3. whatabeautifulscene at - Reply

    We get a beat and a dance. Nice.

  4. dustycrownone at - Reply

    Nice beat ser.. rnb 🙂 

  5. boombap420 at - Reply

    the second beat is the dopest yo

  6. Kempforlife at - Reply

    No man I aint trippin shit man.. I don wanna 4000 if I wanted it! I would have one..When I was there I saw em all 950-5000 but I chose 2500 n am lovin it…So sell that one n put a lil mo gz n get the audition bRaH..

  7. DJillogick at - Reply

    LOL! “I’m nice wit dis shit righ?…Missed da beat.”

  8. DRxPDeDGRGeUS at - Reply

    I woulda traded for the 4000…you was trippin BRaH…

  9. MrGreen19921 at - Reply

    LOVE YOUR BEATS DUDE ! Keep it up!

  10. efetaylor at - Reply

    Loving both of your beats brotha. You have heart. Love <3

  11. efetaylor at - Reply

    Loving both of your beats brotha. You have heart. Love <3

  12. Ahmedfaaid at - Reply

    Second beat is real dope.

  13. Tim7421 at - Reply

    Can you make an Video how to connect my MPC to my Computer?

  14. Kempforlife at - Reply

    Thats right from the mac-logic n cut the parts from the song/sample I want then export wav 2 the hard drive then usb 2 the mpc…After the beat done send back 2 mac-logic record out from mpc 2 the mac,adding bass and wateva flava u might need then bounce they u go u got the beat..
    Thanx man…

  15. deelowtheory at - Reply

    How did you set up to sample directly from your Mac? I haven’t had time to read through all blogs to find out how. I’ve been sampling through my mixer using Serato. Does it have anything to do with USB to MIDI? Can you shoot me a step-by-step? Good lookin homie.. and freshhhhhh-ass beats

  16. Msapere at - Reply

    hivyo,hivyo ndio mwendo….MZUKA!!

  17. Kempforlife at - Reply

    No man..how come?

  18. BeevTheMaschine at - Reply

    Ill trade you my akai 4000 for your 2500!!

  19. theoutsideas at - Reply

    that go hard man

  20. RETRoSPEKTaOfficial at - Reply

    luv it.. just dont like the shaker being so loud in there.. would cut it a little and put the volume down.. just my thougts ofcourse

  21. Kempforlife at - Reply

    haha Real deal man thanx…

  22. solenasty180 at - Reply

    send the second beat to lupe fiasco or common 

  23. Kempforlife at - Reply

    bounce it out into Logic.. Thanx dawg..1

  24. Sytrusze at - Reply

    dope ass beats homie! Do you bouce (export) your beats right onto the MPC harddrive or do you bounce it out into Logic? Thanks man

  25. Danertothefaner at - Reply

    Gimme those beats

  26. DeffEars at - Reply

    i am having serious trouble trying to figure out how to install the sensors. I’ve removed everything as per your video but it seems that the sensor is in a very hard to reach area (where it plugs in) and i even unscrewed the plate that the sensor sits on and it’s a very tight spot that’s hard to reach. any help would be greatly appreciated.


  27. Chief2Buddah at - Reply

    I’m having problems removing the knobs .removing case 4 the first time any tip?

  28. MmhGanja at - Reply

    u buy them on mpcstuff

  29. BlahZayy1190 at - Reply

    what do you use to change the button colors, ie; certain type of paint or spray?

  30. hogantmwnn at - Reply

    You know your shit man. I bet you could fix my old Chevy too.

  31. Exp185 at - Reply

    Where can you purchase MPC Pads and cursors?

  32. brandnamebluv at - Reply

    The 25K looks real “chuuuch” with the black pads on it, cool shit!!!

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