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Akai mpc2500 direct record demo

Akai mpc2500 direct record demo

Mpc 2500,Mpc 1000,and Mpc2000xl Tutorial Dvd out now at www.soundsforsamplers.com aka http Please dont watch this and watch the extended version at www.youtube.com Akai mpc2500 direct record demo from the www.soundsforsamplers.com Mpc2500 tutorial dvd on sale now!!
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decided to share a video from this mornings session. just a simple loop. using track mute to change up the sounds. sorry about the quality. peace.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T14:05:05+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|40 Comments


  1. Rockchisler at - Reply

    @Digital18Devil Hes just showing how to use the direct record feature..Go jack off with razor blades..

  2. ImDino at - Reply

    for those who havent noticed, you can still go to record mode, and press the play button to play whatever you have recorded before on the current sequence, and record while listening to the sequence so it’s almost the same

  3. ImDino at - Reply

    “I’m gonna do something else with my mouth” lol

  4. MatthewMatthematic at - Reply

    Can you quantize the sounds you record in with direct record?

  5. SLagerZahne at - Reply

    I really miss that on the JJos!

  6. scizzerzbeats at - Reply

    any questions bout how to werk the 2500 holla at cha boy on reverbnation scizzerzbeats holla!

  7. subclonk at - Reply

    You can ofc record audio just like this on an ‘Audio’ track but it can only be done by first stopping your sequence then hitting record+play.
    Basically it’s exactly the same as shown here, but you can’t punch-in record like you can on AkaiOS.

  8. subclonk at - Reply

    No *(
    Been asking JJ to implement it for ages too.
    Will keep bugging him with the request.
    Really can’t understand why it’s still not in any JJOS.

  9. krzone81 at - Reply

    can you do this in the jjos1 for the 2500

  10. zhcg at - Reply

    can you do this with the 2000xl

  11. samplebobsquarepads at - Reply


  12. kingflexx at - Reply

    Read the manual?

  13. jimineedles at - Reply

    Hey all. I got MPC a week ago and i’m getting there (2500)! Is there a way of erasing whats on the RAM with the machine turned on? and i dont understand the program, i want to make a new one and i dunno how :'(

  14. keensense at - Reply

    thanks for the tip, very helpful. you know how to get a song or sequence off the mpc into wav format or mp3?

  15. SarkoFan at - Reply

    yeah i have the same problem, what i do is everytime i start a new track i just copy the program and create a new one, this way you never use the same program two times

  16. keensense at - Reply

    when I use the same program on different tracks of a sequence the pads will only sound sometimes when i hit them-i have to mute the other track in the sequence that i used the same program on-Is there anyway around this?

  17. keensense at - Reply

    thanks for the vid, very helpful

  18. KingKhan9999 at - Reply

    thx fam..how do i record my mpc 2500 into pro tools..i use 2 have the 1000 n it worked fine..but this 2500 aint doin it..im getting worried maybe somthing internally is wrong with it..
    please help me out

  19. elsewherebeats1 at - Reply

    hot bruh check out the beats at myspace(dot)com/elsewherebeats

  20. roman213323 at - Reply

    why cant you direct record in mpc 1000??

  21. GiandreAKAthePhoenix at - Reply

    yo thanks for the upload man, mikeygeneral- forget you dude- anyway thanks i’m gonna get that tutorial. peace.

  22. mikeygeneral at - Reply

    this motherfucker talk too much

  23. Supreme2u at - Reply

    Yo Fam, your sh#t is official! Good look’n out from Team Brooklyn and all that work you putting in! Check us out at (www.futureproducers.com)….Supreme MPC!

  24. zinfandel09 at - Reply

    yo that mp is backwords

  25. zinfandel09 at - Reply

    yo your mpc is set for lefties or what i never encountered a 2500 with the function controls on that side of the padds wich is tite cause im lefty

  26. ebanga197 at - Reply

    i like this my dude, some of the dopest tracks in Hip Hop are built around simple loops, simplicity is the key 🙂

  27. kissmarton at - Reply

    Is anybody know how to trackmute with akai mpd32?

  28. Rashaanptr at - Reply

    We all have to start somewhere. Simple is good and usually people with something negative to say don’t have one video on there page or aren’t “great” themselves……… keep doing ya thing.

  29. KristofferMarc at - Reply

    thanks. i know it’s simple but at least something.

  30. Rashaanptr at - Reply

    That was nice…

  31. KristofferMarc at - Reply

    i realize it’s a simple loop… that’s why it says “a simple loop” in the video description.

    thanks for the comment anyways, genius.

  32. WUNLUVE at - Reply

    2 simple

  33. KristofferMarc at - Reply

    thanks for the comment… i’m not sure who the original is from, but i got the sample from an Atlantic Starr joint.

  34. KristofferMarc at - Reply

    thanks for the comments… i’ll check the video you mentioned.

  35. Metamophisis at - Reply

    real coot beat man yo I got a video you can send this to for a video response.

  36. KristofferMarc at - Reply

    thanks for the comment. i just put my camera to the left of the mpc and recorded. no mirror tricks here, hahaha lol.

  37. cpaden7 at - Reply

    damn i was trippin for a min everything was backwards …recordin with a mirror shot ha…nice beat man

  38. ndowney at - Reply

    honestly, I just plug into the line in on my laptop…its not great but not bad

  39. KristofferMarc at - Reply

    thanks man. will do. what are you using to record videos? i noticed you plug in the sound cord for a more clear sound?

  40. ndowney at - Reply

    cool beat bro…thanks for the subscription…get the word out and I’ll do the same

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