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FaT TrAk MpC 2500 “GuTTeR BeAT”

FaT TrAk in his studio makin a east coast instrumental.

This isn’t a finished song, just a quick arrange with the MPC’s track mute function. The arrangement sucks a bit but I was to lazy to make a second take ­čśë Audio is recorded with the RME Fireface UC. No post processing on the audio. Gear used in this track: Akai Mpc 2500 SE (stock OS) Moog Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08 PE Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Desktop Roland Juno 106 Korg Microkorg TC Electronic M300 (for reverb and delay) Alesis 3630 compressor/gate (for sidechain compression) Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro Emagic Unitor 8 RME Fireface UC
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T13:03:57+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|44 Comments


  1. KeepItFresh02 at - Reply

    nice man. keep´╗┐ them drums heavy

  2. djmrmystic at - Reply

    I agree this is a Dope one.-and it is good listening. Like you I feel this more than the others but there is something to be said about a producer being able to do a bunch of different styles…It keep you really progressing into building your own´╗┐ unique sound.peace.M1
    (It reminds me of something Xzibit would fuck with back in the day or Planet Asia…not really a east coats instrumental)

  3. clammyclaude at - Reply

    see all ur new beats sound nothign like this….THIS is dope….uve strayed so far far this raw sound imo …´╗┐

  4. mayham99 at - Reply

    dope beat guy.´╗┐ Im on that MV 8800. peace.

  5. Metamophisis at - Reply

    Thanks bro! Keep putting up those fire´╗┐ beats man!

  6. FaT TrAk at - Reply

    What’s goin on man. In order to get your bass sound on the mpc to play on a midi controller you have to plug the midi out from the midi controller and go into the mpc “in”. That way any´╗┐ sound on the pads will be on the midi controller. I hope that helps.

    GoD BLeSS

    FaT TrAk

  7. SHOZ83 at - Reply

    crazy sample man + good drums
    chek out my beats man , peace´╗┐ !

  8. DJsorama at - Reply

    this could´╗┐ be good for shing02 type of beat

  9. Geekmasterproduction at - Reply

    come check out beats from thegeekmaster´╗┐ at mybeatshop . c0m

  10. Infinite8338 at - Reply

    beat goes hard´╗┐

  11. flippedbeatz at - Reply

    absolutely solid eveytime.´╗┐

  12. TruffelMusic at - Reply

    wow man!! can you please tell me´╗┐ what the sample is??
    thats one of the best samples ive ever heard!!
    5/5 stars!

  13. Metamophisis at - Reply

    Dope´╗┐ as usual man damn! Check out my beats Metamorphisis Channel on you tube!

  14. YoungD907 at - Reply

    this shit is´╗┐ concrete

  15. supperskillz at - Reply

    I knew I was gonna regret that, but´╗┐ I know of many other places and I ain’t tryna be greedy.

  16. travylive at - Reply

    O yea you shouldnt of said anything man, ill see ya on Saturdays LOL! Good lookin on the CO diggin tip!! I actually found some´╗┐ decent stuff at twist n shout in the dollar records.

  17. supperskillz at - Reply

    Wax Trax is cool, I probably shouldn’t say anything but I like Black and Read in Wheatridge. they’re only open on saturdays and its a dollar´╗┐ a record, plus you can find some gold if your willing to be patient and get hella dusty.

  18. Chase Bowden at - Reply

    soon as i herd u start makin the beat i thought of termanology´╗┐

  19. FaT TrAk at - Reply

    for me the 1/8´╗┐ in the click track helps me to make beats in a 4/4 rhythm .. when i used to make beats usin the 1/4 my beats came out soundin 3/4 time. I like the speed of the 1/8 to tell you the truth.

  20. Moosie50187 at - Reply

    Sound Like Sumthin Pac Would Get On´╗┐

  21. 1RecLevel at - Reply

    Good work, I like to see your video, ciao´╗┐ from Italy!

  22. FaT TrAk at - Reply

    I get my samples from´╗┐ a record store that’s called Wax Trax. I go there once or twice a month. I appreciate you bein a fan all the way across the globe.

    GoD BLeSS

    FaT TrAk

  23. bko90 at - Reply

    Yo fam wosgd big fan from´╗┐ London i jus got my mpc and i was wondering were u get ur samples from?

  24. MegaSniv at - Reply

    ha ha, that’s cool! Thanks´╗┐ for watching!

  25. Orkun Oker at - Reply

    It has been published on same date of my birthday. Cool´╗┐ track.

  26. Lars Hendriks at - Reply

    Zie´╗┐ ik daar mijn DSI Mopho? :-). Haha, nice one kerel!

  27. afsfsafs aadd at - Reply

    it worked…kinda. i’m using a roland mc 505 to´╗┐ make for the kick and an alesis multimix 8 (usb 1.0)…it works fine until i turn down the fader on my mixer for the 505. when i use the one of the 505’s direct outs for the kick, it has to be loud in the mixer. i have no way of muting it so i can hear just the pumping microkorg in isolation. do you know what i’m doing wrong?

  28. MegaSniv at - Reply

    Thanks! Glad you like it :)´╗┐

  29. beyondmaster at - Reply

    epic sounds, like your´╗┐ setup. Keep on bringing the good vibes to our ears!

  30. MegaSniv at - Reply

    Thanks man! In this track I used a sperate kick (different kick) track with a seperate output (output 8) on my MPC. If you have a mixer you can´╗┐ also use the same kick and use a send for feeding the sidechain.

  31. afsfsafs aadd at - Reply

    by the looks of the dislikes a few people are jealous. how do you set up´╗┐ the 3630 for sidechain compression? i want my microkorg to be sidechained to the bass drum. keep posting vids. peaace

  32. Matthew Blakeley at - Reply

    nice job cheers´╗┐

  33. MegaSniv at - Reply

    Yes, The MPC acts as a ´╗┐ midi sequencer… thanks for your reply

  34. MegaSniv at - Reply

    @EROKBEATZ Thanks!!´╗┐

  35. 6strngbass at - Reply

    Sweet! Is the´╗┐ MPC sequencing all of your gear?

  36. EROKBEATZ at - Reply

    Nice Production!´╗┐

  37. MegaSniv at - Reply

    @squamam Thanks! It’s a mixture of´╗┐ both worlds indeed!

  38. MegaSniv at - Reply

    @rianmil04´╗┐ Thanks for sharing! ­čśÇ

  39. paul apple at - Reply

    cool track. nice anlog /´╗┐ digital mix !!!

  40. rianmil04 at - Reply

    I shared your´╗┐ video on my FB profile ­čÖé

  41. MegaSniv at - Reply

    Grazie´╗┐ tanto!

  42. rianmil04 at - Reply


  43. MegaSniv at - Reply

    Thanks man, the voyager is doing the bass indeed ­čÖé The MPC is a drum sampler / midi´╗┐ sequencer. In this demo the pads represent different sequence parts whose you can mute and unmute.

  44. greengofishing at - Reply

    Dude, this sounds´╗┐ awesome. I can see that the Voyager is doing bass. What kind of drum machine are you using? I see that you have nice looking mixer as well. Really sounds good my friend.

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