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Time for a new style on the AKAI MPC-2500

We provide a demonstration of how easy it is to remove a Styleflip from your gear. Goes on easy. Comes off easy. www.StyleFlip.com to customize and protect your gear.
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2019-04-12T14:14:24+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


  1. StyleFlip at - Reply


  2. ImDino at - Reply

    at the same time it shows how better looking it is without fake skin, I’d rather spray paint

  3. muzikbj11 at - Reply

    Can you create something better for the MPC 5000?

  4. tranjohn at - Reply

    the words button infos are still on there!

  5. StyleFlip at - Reply

    @tranjohn, yea, that styleflip was cool

  6. tranjohn at - Reply

    @StyleFlipNo new vidos for 2 yers? Must be really busy with all them orders ey? lol I got the skin for my VMS4 off u recently…the one with Astro Boy on it:)

  7. xapoc at - Reply

    You should make some templates for everything .. Not just the best equipment.

  8. GrantmotherTubes at - Reply

    Wow! Just got a set of these, material is SO NICE! Very durable and nice looking. What’s great is that you can actually peel it off if you need to without damaging the gear OR the sticker!

  9. rdk5538 at - Reply

    Its hard to make music when u are more into the looks and asthetics of the stinkin machine than actually the love of making music.

  10. chulukinat at - Reply

    lol that cover is so cheesy

  11. claudioaudio at - Reply

    cuz nobody wants to send theyre equipment to Cali and risk damage. Not to mention the shit costs 700-900…Not a good look..

  12. BlahZayy1190 at - Reply

    did you ever think people may want to get it customized without covering the words, so maybe incase they decide to sell it, if the person is a newb, they wont be able to figure out where shit is.

  13. PeterJorun at - Reply

    I CAN be childish and completely useless OR it can be a fantastic opportunity to enhance and expand branding opportunities.

    As a bonus, you can make it look sweet.

  14. Myparkerbros at - Reply

    shutup fool,

  15. ptone1 at - Reply

    Why don’t you get your machine customized for real and not some stupid sticker. If you want the real deal, check out FORAT com. That’s where Dr Dre, Madonna, and every other serious producer and artist goes to get their machine customized but, if you want your gear to look like a toy the sticker should work just fine.

  16. elfboy382 at - Reply

    Its not useless
    Think of it this way
    You could skin your Decks, mixer, and other gear with your company name if your a mobile DJ, or if you have live PA gear at a club, youll always know which is yours.

  17. gettherdone at - Reply

    thats gay

  18. craxgt at - Reply

    basicly a good idea, but what I saw in your showroom you got cdjs with the sides customised as well, but all I can get from you is the top of the unit. why dont u ship that as well? 🙁 would order right away if that would become the case.
    ps: please offer some more devices (like m-audios torq connectiv unit) 🙂

  19. HoracePL at - Reply

    I have a question: I want to order a skin to my DJM-800 but how am i going to remove the faders???? Then i dont know how to put my skin on….

  20. kustomkure at - Reply

    no, i agree with the guy. ill never customize my mp, i find it childish and completely useless.


    I wanna see a vid putting it on


    Here’s a great tip as great minds think alike. Do the same for the pads , buttons,curors and the dial hot.Hell why not the cord while your at it.Man we need to get together man do I have some Ideas I have been wanting to do for a while now.I have the 2000xl-mcd (Multi card drive)does the sticker have to hang on the side like that you should have had it for the front as well or in line with the plastic front panel(black)I want my gain and volume knobs mics!!!

  23. hockaday23 at - Reply

    fuck louie .. he apperntly doesn’t know how much it cost to get an mpc cusstomized .. style flip nice website man .. when i get mind thats the first place im going

  24. 8btz at - Reply


  25. Louiemaxwell at - Reply

    Seriously who the fuck needs a new skin on their MPC.what’s the purpose of that,you can spend that money buyin a fucken record to sample instead…

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